Continuing Education (CE Credit) Workshops for Practitioners

THEATER FOR THERAPISTS: How to Incorporate Theater Skills Into Psychotherapy Practice
Description: Improvisational (“improv”) theater is rooted in collaboration and spontaneity. Improv training is perhaps best known for the many comedy superstars it has produced, including Tina Fey, Alan Arkin, Gilda Radner, and Joan Rivers. However, improv and improvised theater games have also been used widely as a tool for learning and leadership development. In fact, most of the improv games and techniques that are used today were first developed by a social worker in the 1920s. In this workshop, participants will be led in improv theater exercises in order to enhance their use of self as psychotherapists.
Saturday, November 18, 2017
3:00pm-5:00pm 2 C-E Credits
Amie Roe, LCSW
Fee: $60 WTCIA Members: $50

MIND-BODY TECHNIQUES FOR CLINICAL PRACTICE: Building Somatic Resources Through Breath, Rhythm, and Autonomic Regulation

Description: This 3 1/2 hour workshop will offer tools to therapists that can be used in session to help clients access and integrate the body-self in treatment. To improve the efficacy of treatment interventions, this class will help clinicians to understand and work with the autonomic nervous system and its rhythms. Drawing on both Eastern and Western wisdom, participants will learn and practice the different breathing techniques that help to access the body’s wisdom in the healing process. Common misconceptions about breath work will be addressed as well as modifications for specific conditions.
Saturday, December 2, 2017
9:30am-1:00pm 3.5 C-E Credits
Tulasi Jordan, LCSW, SEP, ERYT-500
Fee: $90 WTCIA Members: $80
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CHALLENGING CULTURAL WEIGHT STIGMA: A Paradigm for Socio-Psychic Understanding and Compassionate Treatment of "Obesity"
In this five hour didactic, experiential and interactive workshop we will discuss:
Current concepts about and causes of “obesity,” including: changing concepts of female beauty, corporations that sell diets as well as beauty and style, chemical and hormonal consequences of agribusiness, the evolution of unrealistic pathologizing BMI measurements, and more. Experiential Interventions of how to honor the embodied trauma of being very large in our society and thus functioning as the bad object for others. We will explore experiential interventions focusing on what it is like for the therapist to be near and to treat very large women. Considerations and contributions of the Health at Any Size movement and other groups opposing weight prejudice.
Saturday, December 9, 2017
10:30am-3:30pm (1 hour break for lunch) 4.0 C-E Credits
Susan Gutwill, AB-PhD, LCSW
Fee: $110 WTCIA Members: $90
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