6-week Groups for the Public

In a therapist-led supportive environment, participants in our six-week groups are introduced to the process of relating more comfortably to food and one’s body. The diet culture has caused most women to become disconnected from their innate ability to feed themselves in accordance with bodily appetite and in a way that is emotionally nourishing, as well as physiologically and psychologically organizing and sustainable. Our six-week groups help women rediscover this lost relationship with their bodies and needs.

Saturdays, starting September 22, 2018
Lauren Minear, LCSW
Location: Flatiron
Fee: $300

Tuesdays, starting November 13, 2018
Amie Roe, LCSW
Location: Chelsea/Midtown West
Fee: $300

Spring, 2019
Dates, time and location TBD
Susan Gutwill
Fee: $300