Continuing Education (CE Credit) Workshops for Practitioners

2019/2020 Events

October 19, 2019 11am-4pm
Creating Coherent Client Narratives
5.0 CE Credit Workshop

Neuropsychologists and teachers of mindfulness alike are pointing to the importance of having a
coherent narrative,for optimal health and well-being. All clinicians understand the importance of listening; participants will learn something that is not taught in graduate school or training programs: they will learn the meaning of a coherent narrative, and how they can listen to, question
Gail Noppe-Brandon, LCSW, MA, MPA, is a clinician with decades of narrative experience as a therapist and coach. She served as a Dean at NYU, where she also taught writing, has developed and offered Emotional Intelligence professional development workshops TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE

November 16, 2019 10am-12pm
Separated Attachments: Requirements of Parenting Adult Offspring
2.0 CE Credit Workshop
How do we gage dependence/independence, letting go/holding on, and how to get to a healthy separated attachment?
Luise Eichenbaum, LCSW is co-founder of The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute in private practice in New York City. Theoretical work on emotional dependency and separated attachments are at the heart of her publications. TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE

April 25, 2020 9:30am-12:30pm
How to Listen So Patients Talk
3.0 CE Credit Workshop
How do we therapists listen for and address food, feeding and body troubles in an ongoing treatment not specifically dedicated to eating problems?
This workshop will help the general therapist find a more secure and informed therapeutic voice amidst the culturally induced and sanctioned “every day speak" of food and feeding distress and embodiment troubles.
Carol Bloom, LCSW Co-founder The WTCI, New York, Teaching Faculty, Educational Consultant, Board of Directors, Private Practice, Supervisor.

2018/2019 EVENTS
SOLD OUT Starts Wednesday, April 3 10:30am-noon
6.0 CE Credit workshop
Andrea Gitter, MA, LCAT, BC-DMT

-- learn the theoretical underpinnings of a self-attuned, anti-deprivation treatment model relevant to the full spectrum of eating and body image disorders.
 -- understand the multiple meanings embedded in dieting and compensatory behaviors.
 -- experience the self-attuned eating approach through guided imageries and experience-near exercises.
 --learn how to accurately assess and treat both latent and manifest eating and body image disorders.
 --learn how to use embodied countertransference to help guide treatment.   
 -- learn to identify the complex influence of consumer culture in shaping subjectivity/subjective experiences of body/self.
We have found that our unique four-week groups can be a powerful tool for practitioners as they journey toward a place of peace in their relationship with food and their bodies. Participants will:
SOLD OUT Saturday, March 16, 2019 11am-3pm
4.0 CE Credit workshop
Susan Gutwill, LCSW
This workshop will explore way to honor the embodied trauma of being very large in our society and thus functioning as the “bad object” for others, using relational, embodied and cognitive strategies. Participants will learn about the impact of the social world on clinical work and the need to do the work of “mourning” in order to honor ourselves and our clients in the face of this traumatizing culture. We will focus on therapist’s countertransference when being near and treating very large women. We will also explore the experience of being a large-bodied therapist.
Saturday, November 3, 2018 12pm-2pm

Theater for Therapists
2.0 CE Credit workshop
In this workshop, participants will be led in improv theater exercises in order to enhance their use of self as psychotherapists. Exercises will reinforce whole body listening skills, the spirit of collaborative work, as well as bring greater awareness to the use of our physical bodies in psychotherapy practice
Amie Roe, LCSW

SOLD OUT Sunday, November 4, 2018 11am-3pm
Working with the Convergence of Eating and Body Image Problems with Sexual and Physical Abuse
4.0 CE Credit workshop

This workshop will present best practices for working with people who suffer on the continuum of eating and body image problems and have, simultaneously, been victims and survivors on the continuum of sexual abuse and severely disordered attachment.
Susan Gutwill, AbD/PhD, LCSW

Saturday, November 10, 2018 9am-1pm
Bringing Embodied Inquiry to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
4.0 CE Credit workshop
Methods of embodied inquiry, based on Inquiry-Based Coaching (IBCtm) can help clients make different, more effective use of psychotherapy leading to deep and lasting changes in awareness and well-being. Embodied inquiry emphasizes the importance of deep listening in accessing hard-to-reach implicit psychodynamic material.
Anne Wennerstrand, MS, MSW, LCSW-R

Saturday, November 17, 2018 11am-1pm

Therapeutic Practice in a World Gone Mad
2.0 CE Credit workshop
The current political climate is equally destabilizing for psychotherapists and their patients. Anxiety and a continuous feeling of not knowing what will come next infuses daily life. How is this reality entering our consulting rooms? Would we say our work has changed from the pre-Trump era? How are we managing our own feelings in our therapy relationships?
Luise Eichenbaum, LCSW

Saturday, January 12, 2019 10am-noon
2.0 CE Credit workshop
As clinicians, how do we work with our clients to examine unexplored emotions that, like fetal cells, may have remained buried in their bodies?
With Roe v. Wade being threatened, many women are finding themselves revisiting feelings that have been dormant for years. When abortion was initially legalized, it was touted that one could go to the doctor on a lunch hour, have the procedure, described as scraping of a few cells, and be back to work as early as the following day. For many women, that seemed to be fine, but for others there was little to no guidance about the potential for long-lasting emotional ramifications.
Susan Kane, LCSW