MINDING THE BODY: Culture, Gender, Creativity & Subversion
A Feminist Relational Psychotherapy
Two-Year Training Program, 2019-2021

The Women’s Therapy Centre Institute is known for its pioneering work on women’s relationship to food, feeding, and their bodies. Since the publication of Susie Orbach’s Fat Is A Feminist Issue (1978), the faculty of The WTCI has further developed a theory and practice explicated in Eating Problems: A Feminist Psychoanalytic Treatment Model (1994), a widely used text for psychotherapists.

grads 2017_2019

Our unique two-year post graduate training program offers an integration of psychoanalytic, attachment, trauma, and social theories to study the spectrum of embodiment–from secure and cohesive to troubled and dissociated. Through a critical feminist lens, we analyze social hierarchies of race, class, sexual orientation, body size, gendered identities and expressions, and normative notions of health and illness. We explore the internalization of family and culture in relation to body based symptoms and body modification practices, food and eating, trauma and sexual abuse, reproduction and caregiving, aging, and the indwelling of psyche in soma. The WTCI model, individual mentoring and an experiential group enrich the clinician’s use of self, including attention to somatic countertransference and to the meeting of bodies/subjectivities in the therapeutic setting.

For more information, please contact us at wtcinyc@mac.com.