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THE WOMEN’S THERAPY CENTRE INSTITUTE, established in 1981, offers innovative clinical training based on contemporary psychoanalytic theory integrated with an understanding that one’s social location contributes to the psychic construction of the individual. The WTCI holds a unique place at the intersection of the psychoanalytic community, the feminist community, and the public at large.
The mission of The WTCI is:

• to train psychotherapists in feminist relational psychotherapy.
The Institute offers a one-year post graduate program in the treatment of eating and body image problems.
• to articulate a feminist voice and an understanding of gender in the evolving dialogue of contemporary psychoanalytic theory. The faculty have published extensively on feminist psychoanalytic theory and practice. They have lectured nationally and internationally and are known to feminist organizations throughout the world.
• to sponsor educational programs for practitioners and the general public. The Institute sponsors an annual lecture series with feminist scholars and clinicians, workshops and short term groups on issues in women’s psychology, a biennial Speak-Out, a speakers’ bureau, a psychotherapy referral service, and in-service training to schools, institutes, hospitals, agencies, and professional organizations. In March, 2011 the Institute sponsored Endangered Species: Preserving the Female Body, which has evolved into Endangered Bodies, an international movement.

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