THE WOMEN’S THERAPY CENTRE INSTITUTE, established in 1981, offers innovative clinical training based on contemporary relational theory and feminist thought. We understand that a person’s socioeconomic and cultural location is integral to psychic and emotional development. Through education and a commitment to social activism, The WTCI holds a unique place at the intersection of the psychotherapy community, the feminist movement, and the public at large.

At our core, we are a relational psychotherapy training institute. In our two-year program, we educate postgraduate clinicians in a feminist relational model. We also offer a wide range of CE Credit events for NYS licensed LCSWs, LMSWs, LCATs and LMHCs. Our mission is to amplify a feminist voice and an understanding of all genders in the evolving dialogue of contemporary relational theory.

As we have broadened and deepened our roots in the community, we have developed a wide and diverse catalog of events for the general public as well. We offer educational 6-week groups, workshops, lectures and special events designed to engage and educate members of the public.

The ethos of The WTCI embraces diversity. Continual exploration of our bodies, our psyches, and our identities in relation to complex social justice issues is a key focus of our institute at every level.

The WTCI provides a special environment for critical thinking, consciousness-raising, evolving relationships, and a vibrant community committed to a mission of social change greater than any one of us.

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